Saturday, November 6, 2010


Blissful is the moment when the last care pirouettes from the conscious, handing the dance to the warm, seemingly empty. Sleep is the technique I’ve mastered. In most cases, I can accomplish this big important nothing on demand. I’m nearly famous for sleeping through loud music, snooze-buttons, fire-engine sirens, and flashing lights. Impressively, when outdoors on the ground, I have slept through hail storms and multiple dogs licking my face. Basically, amidst any situation where I allow myself permission to sleep, there lies a seamless accomplishment. It is no coincidence that life in dream space fascinates me, even beckons me, to discover it’s meaning.

I could not even recall most my dreams when I first joined the Jungian dream group. I buried them away, tucking them deeply into the unknown. One of my main reasons for joining was to learn to weave my dreams from one dimension to the other, and I could not believe the ease of accomplishing this goal. You simply ask. The practice of asking the world for something and getting it so quickly in return is a daunting and exhilarating revelation.

Equally exhilarating are the dreams that I’ve remembered and recorded. I’ve witnessed gigantic moons giving birth and tasted fluffy sweet clouds. I’ve seen flying mice, silvery-beaded fish, and plenty of lions. I’ve curated magnificent gallery openings for horrific art, given my kids the freedom to fly, rejuvenated and rekindled innocent long lost loves. I’ve fallen from tall buildings and died, revived instantly by the person who loved me the most. Let’s just say I’ve escaped from the prairie, the reoccurring dream I’ve had since I was a child. I’ve discovered that by honoring the creative force that is screaming to be heard in this forum, I am creating a new life within myself outside of the unconscious.

It is a theory that we, ourselves, are all of the characters in our dreams. Because we all are mirrors, the people involved are primarily the emotions that they represent to our own lives. With this theory in mind, I am now more intensely troubled by the dreams where I am surrounded by jerks, wondering if I am the jerk or the victim. Either has their burden to bear. More enlightening is the suggestion that we are ever-powerful, capable of living our lives to it’s full potential by recognizing the symbols of awareness that intertwine our every moment. These are available to us when we choose to be present, whether we are sleeping, or not.


  1. I have also been experimenting with lucid dreaming. I feel that we are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spirits having a human experience. Dreams remind us who we really are...
    You are quite the wordsmith, Alison!
    I really enjoyed reading that!
    Two thumbs up!