Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

I have been so excited for spring this year. Even though we have been void of the excessive snowfall that I love so much, I am very ready to get out of the cold and dreary in exchange for some sweet sunshine! This time, though, I am on a mission.

In part of my "reduce everything 10%" goal of the year, my mission is to grow enough to sustain my own food intake for a month and a half. Being a girl that really loves food, this takes a whole lot of planning, which goes against every grain of reason embedded in my soul! I have constructed a whole agricultural utopia in my head, and I am here to admit I am a little nervous about the outcome. I am from the midwest, you know, the place where you can plant any seed and just watch it grow. No watering, no precise timing of the snipping and the crooning, just stick it in the ground and come back for the plentiful harvest in a couple months. In my mind, Colorado agricultural resembles a spoiled child: particular, needy and unreliable.

For some reason, this year I am unusually excited to accept the challenge that greets me in this climate. It may be because I have been successful in nurturing gorgeous flowers that ignite my dinner-table, it may be because I am determined to be more self sufficient and comfortable in independence. It may be that I am addicted to the musty smell of the deep-earth when you unveil the layer above. Or, the fascination of the colony of life that lives in the layer below. I really don't know, except that I am ready, and that I will celebrate every seed of squash that peeps her head above the ground and joins me in my quest.

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